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Review of Salitair the refillable dry salt inhaler

Product Name: Salitair
Treats: Alleviates the symptoms of several respiratory problems, including asthma, COPD and allergic conditions
Clinically Tested: Salitair uses salt therapy which numerous clinical trials have shown to be highly effective on a variety of breathing problems and allergic conditions.
Price: Current lowest price 25$ on Amazon and 20£ on the official website
Shipment: Worldwide
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ (4,5/5)
Order: You can order Salitair through many places, with the cheapest one being Amazon for US residents and the official website for E.E. citizens

Do you suffer from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis, rhinitis, smoking-related problems like chronic coughing or allergies? If you answered yes, then the Salitair Salt Inhaler may the answer you have been looking for.

Salitair is a simple but effective piece of medical equipment that uses the clinically tested effectiveness of salt therapy to relieve the symptoms of the aforementioned breathing-related problems.

In this review we will see what exactly salitair is, how it works, explore some of the available clinical data for salt therapy and anything else that might interest a potential buyer. So, let's first begin with the basics.

What is Salt Therapy ?
As suggested by its name, salt therapy (also called halotherapy) refers to any kind of therapy involving the use of salt. Numerous forms of salt therapy have been known and used for hundreds of years with some of them being:
  • Saline Solution Inhalations
  • Dry Salt Inhalations
  • Irrigation and Lavage
  • Saline and Brine Baths
  • Bath in therapeutic salt waters (Crenotherapy)

What is Salitair and How does it Work ?
Salitair is a handy, dry salt inhaler that uses rock salt crystals from the Polish Klodawa salt mine to bring the natural benefits of salt mine therapy in the comfort of your own home. The active ingredient is miocene halite salt crystals which according to the manufacturer "recreates the microclimate of a therapeutic salt mine, cleansing the respiratory system from impurities and improving the overall health of all areas involved in breathing."

Salitair is made of highquality plastic and comes with a central salt chamber between two filters and an ergonomically designed mouthpiece. Every time you breathe through the device, the moisture of the passing air absorbs micron sized particles of salt, as it passes through the central chamber where the salt refill is.

Diagram of Salitair dry salt inhaler
Salitair Diagram

These micron size salt particles boost your  body’s natural self-cleansing mechanisms helping it to dispose any impurities and alleviate any irritation caused by allergies or infection.

All the above is of course the "theory" behind Salitair. The important question is..

Is Salitair really effective in treating asthma, allergies and other breathing problems?
The good thing about Salitair, is that the type of salt therapy (dry salt inhalation) it uses has been extensively studied and tried in humans, providing relief to all kinds of respiratory problems. The medical literature (references at the end of the article) clearly shows that using a dry inhalator on a common basis can greatly help with asthma, allergies, COPD etc. 

For instance, a 1995 study by A.V Chervinskaya AV1 on 124 patients with various types of respiratory diseases concluded that salt therapy "resulted in improvements of clinical state in the most of patients."

Similarly, a 2006 study - on 47 male smokers - found that using a dry salt inhaler "relieves the main symptoms (cough and sputum), improves local defense mechanisms and resistance of mucous membranes of tobacco smokers owing to decreased colonization activity of pathogenic microgerm." while a 1999 study concludes that "Halotherapy proved to be a highly effective method in a complex sanatorium treatment of patients with chronic bronchitis."

All in all, dry salt therapy has been recognized by many doctors and medical experts as a highly effective, cheap and side effects-free treatment for respiratory and breathing problems.

What do medical experts say about Salitair?
Dry salt therapy is endorsed by a large portion of the medical community. Let's see the opinion of a few doctors specifically for Salitair:

Dr Chris tells his opinion on Salitair and how it helped him with his chest infection

"As a physician specializing in natural approaches to healing and the enhancement of wellness, I am struck with the sheer genius of the concept…Salt inhalation therapy is used in Germany, Austria, the Dead Sea and many other Central and Eastern European countries – this is a traditional therapy that has withstood the test of time, and based on some of the clinical studies I’ve seen, should be employed more often for healthier pulmonary function…it was a pleasure to use…and I shall definitely be adding it to my armamentarium of natural therapies.", Dr Marvin P Schweitzer 
“I am delighted…I noticed an improvement instantly, there is no question that your innovative drug free product delivers exactly what it claims. For me it almost completely eliminates the residual congestion that did not respond to steroids or Ventalin. Despite being under an expert consultant and complying rigidly to all listed instructions I have never been able to enjoy a cough free day or night. Now I sleep better and experience a vastly improved lung capacity during all activities as long as I use the pipe for 10 minutes in the am and 5 minutes in the pm.”, Dr S.L. Wildman-Chard

What do users say about Salitair ?
The majority of people who have reviewed Salitair on Amazon have only positive things to say about the product, which as of today has a 4 out 5 stars rating. The same applies for the testimonials available on the official website. Here's a few testimonials taken from amazon:

"When I received Salitair, I used it for about 8 minutes instead of using my fast acting inhaler. Well..I tell you I was amazed. My breathing was so clear, I could not believe it. Furthermore, I have not used my inhaler in 3 days since I used it that one time. I don't know how or why but this thing actually works."
"I got this for my brother who has white lung, and my niece who has asthma and heart disease as a result. Both say they love their salt inhalers and they get so much relief from them. I'm so happy that they are being positively affected by it."
"I have been using Salitair for 15 days now and it's so great! I have had breathing problems for a couple of years but now I have clear nasal passages and I have regained my sense of smell! Thank you, and to Dr Chris!"
"Excellent workmanship. Quality product that absolutely improves my ability to breathe. I'm on oxygen 24/7 and would not be without the Salt Air Inhaler!"

"About 6 months ago, I began using your fantastic Saltpipe. It has cured my asthma and allergies. Well most of the time. I thank you very very much for this remarkable product." 

Prons And Cons Of Salitair
In short, some of the advantages of Salitair are:
  • Medically endorsed with clinically tested effectiveness
  • Very cheap price starting from about 25 $
  • Cheap, long lasting refills (at least a month, depending on usage)
  • Medical Device, proven to be safe with no known adverse effects
  • Doesn't Interfere with other medications
  • 100% drug-free
  • Quick, and simple easy to use
  • Is not addictive
  • Can be used as often as you like, no overdose danger
  • The included 220g refill of natural salt, is enough for about four months' of use
As for disadvantages, we would prefer if the device was ceramic and not plastic, but this is something we can overlook due to its low price. 

How to use your Salitair and what to expect
Basic instructions for using the device:
  • The device arrives empty. Rinse the device in hot water and dry it thoroughly before using it.
  • Fill it with the salt crystals provided once it has completely dried. 
  • Place the mouthpiece inside your lips and draw air gently through the mouth. Exhale through your nose to cleanse the whole respiratory tract.
  • For optmal outcoume, use it 15 to 25 minutes per day
  • Replace the crystals once every month
  • Stored in a cool dry place away from strong lights and odours.

The Verdict - Is Salitair worth buying?
With its cheap price and clinically proven effectiveness we believe Salitair is a perfect option for anyone suffering from asthma, COPD, allergies, or other breathing problems who wishes to either try something new or to complement his current medications.


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- A.V. Chervinskaya, (2006), ‘Effect of dry sodium aerosol on the respiratory tract of tobacco smokers’ , E-posters in free access, Session 43
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Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions not covered by our review.

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