Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lifeline Skin Care expands into Mexico

International Stem Cell Corporation announced today that Lifeline Skin Care, its operating subsidiary, has signed a distribution agreement with Grupo Venta Internacional (GVI), Mexico's largest distributor of aesthetic and reconstructive products.

Effective immediately, Grupo Venta Internacional will offer Lifeline's stem cell skin care products to health care professionals throughout Mexico, the second largest market for aesthetic skin care in Central and South America.

Euromonitor International expects the Mexican skin care market to be worth approximately $2 billion in 2014, with anti-aging products being amongst the most popular. With 24 years' experience in the plastic surgery and dermatology market in Mexico, and the credibility and presence of their 85-person national sales force, Grupo Venta Internacional (GVI) is well qualified to help Lifeline become very successful in this growing market.

 "Plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Mexico are very excited about the potential for stem cell skin care products. They're already familiar with the benefits of growth factors for skin rejuvenation, but the concept of stem cells elevates the technology to a whole new level. A brand that is backed by a biotech company adds even more credibility." said Gabriela Gonzalez Alonso, President of GVI.
"Expanding international sales is a key part of our growth strategy. Initially Lifeline will be marketed only to physicians, which will lend credibility to the brand. The recommendation of a trusted health care professional is consistently rated as one of the most important considerations when selecting anti-aging skincare products. For this reason we're especially pleased to be working with Grupo Venta Internacional." said Donna Queen, President of Lifeline Skin Care. 

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