Friday, 14 March 2014

RayBiotech executes master services and supply agreement with California Stem Cell

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RayBiotech, Inc. (RBI) announced today that it has executed a master services and supply agreement with the therapeutic stem cell company California Stem Cell, Inc. (CSC). CSC utilizes high-purity stem cells in a number of therapeutics applications including for the treatment of melanoma, ovarian cancer and a variety of neurologic disorders. Under the terms of this agreement, California Stem Cell will receive preferred pricing and other proprietary guarantees on both services and products from RayBiotech. The financial terms were not disclosed.
"As we optimize and test our stem cell-based therapeutic platforms, RayBiotech's biomarker analysis services, products and technologies have enabled us to streamline our biochemical data analysis strategy, providing broad coverage of biomarker assessment in a variety of applications and scenarios." said Dr. Alexa Poole, Senior Scientist at California Stem Cell.
"California Stem Cell is at the forefront of the stem cell therapeutics industry. We applaud their efforts to develop stem cell-based therapeutics and are pleased that RayBiotech's antibody array and ELISA biomarker characterization technologies suit the needs of researchers and scientists at CSC. We also congratulate California Stem Cell on their recent FDA approval to enter Phase III clinical trials for stem cell-based treatment of metastatic melanoma. It is with great satisfaction that we are able to provide CSC with biomarker characterization technologies for this and other therapeutic endeavors." commened on the agreement, RayBiotech's President, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Ms. Rani Huang, stated.


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