Monday, 27 January 2014

Ireland’s first stem cell facility opened today in Galway

Stem cells for human use will soon be manufactured for the first time in Ireland, following Irish Medicines Board licensing of the first stem cell facility in Galway.

NUI Galway’s Centre for Cell Manufacturing aims to culture adult stem cells to treat several conditions including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and associated conditions.

The centre, which is one of the very few in Europe authorised for stem cell manufacturing, has been developed by researchers at NUIG’s regenerative medicine institute.

The Health Research Board and Science Foundation Ireland has already approved funding on the new centre for clinical trials on mesenchymal stem cells.
The new centre’s director Prof Tim O’Brien explained that the stem cells must be grown in the laboratory to generate sufficient quantities, following their isolation from the bone marrow of adult donors, and the facility will help Ireland to develop therapies for a broad range of clinical problems which do not have effective treatments today.

For more info and statements by officials please click here

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