Tuesday, 29 October 2013

TeleHealth announces non-operative stem cell treatment for rotator cuff tears

Diagram of the human shoulder joint
Telehealth, a stem cell clinic on the West Coast,  announced today, via a press release, new stem cell options for patients with rotator cuff disorders and injuries. The stem cell treatments often provide pain relief and help patients avoid the need for surgery.

Millions of Americans suffer from shoulder pain due to rotator cuff bursitis, tendonitis or tears. For an unfortunate few, conventional treatments are not able to alleviate the pain and surgery becomes necessary. 

The Board Certified doctors at TeleHealth are now offering nonoperative stem cell injection therapy as an outpatient to help patients obtain relief and repair.
The procedures involved options for bone marrow or fat derived stem cell injections along with platelet rich plasma therapy. The procedures are very low risk since the substance injected is actually harvested from the patient and then immediately processed prior to injection into the problematic shoulder.

Small published studies have been showing the benefits of stem cell therapy and PRP treatment for rotator cuff disorders. The injections can help athletes get back to competition quicker and avoid the months of rehab necessary after an arthroscopic procedure.

Some of the procedures are actually covered by insurance, which involves pre-authorization. This can significantly help lower the out of pocket expense to the patient. 

For more information and scheduling with the doctors on the West Coast regarding stem cells for a painful shoulder, please call TeleHealth at (888) 828-4575 or visit their official website.

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