Friday, 18 October 2013 A Digital Lab book for stem cell researchers (guest post)

Although electronic lab notebooks or ELNs have been around for a number of years it is only recently that they have started to grow in popularity. Some sources are claiming that 80% of researchers are now looking to make their labs paperless and are turning to the new crop of web-based tools.

Whilst there are a number of platforms designed to record much of the daily activity within the lab CellKulture is the first platform dedicated to archiving and indexing cell culture records. Although designed with all cell-biologists in mind the platform is especially important for stem cell researchers.

Stem cells can be some of the most difficult cells to culture in the laboratory. The stem cell phenotype is only a transient state in nature, thus without meticulous treatment stem cells in culture will rapidly differentiate into other cell types and lose their pluri- or multi-potency. Researchers need to carefully monitor cell cultures daily to ensure the quality of their cultures and communicate these notes to everyone in the lab.

The majority of cell lines are cultured in media containing antibiotics to prevent bacterial contamination. In contrast many stem cell lines are cultured in antibiotic free media requiring much more stringent conditions in order to prevent infection. Yet even so many labs still use bacteria and mould-harbouring paper notes in their tissue culture rooms for lack of a better solution. Using one of the now ubiquitous mobile devices in a wipe-clean enclosure eradicates this issue.

CellKulture is currently accepting requests for access to their beta software release. If you would like to have your say in how the final software is developed please complete the survey by clicking here.

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