Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Arizona Pain Specialists clinic announces stem cell treatments for joint damage

The Arizona Pain Specialists, a Phoenix stem cell clinic, issued a press release yesterday announcing that it now offers multiple stem cell therapy options for patients who wish to avoid joint replacement surgery. Here is the rest of the press release:
"The procedures offered are all low risk and outpatient procedures with the Board Certified and Award Winning Phoenix pain doctors at the clinics. Call (602) 507-6550 for more information and scheduling.
The Arizona Pain Stem Cell Institute offers multiple different types of regenerative medicine procedures with the potential to repair joint damage and relieve pain. These include multiple different types of stem cell therapy including bone marrow, adipose (fat) or amniotic derived stem cell injections. 
Small published studies have shown impressive success rates at helping patients achieve pain relief and increase functional abilities. 
With well over a million joint replacements being performed in the US every year, procedures that provide a chance to avoid or significantly delay the procedure are welcome. 
All of the stem cell injection procedures are outpatient and very low risk. The bone marrow and fat are harvested from the patients themselves, so the risk is very low for infection or rejection. 
Amniotic derived stem cell injections have been used over 10,000 times to date for numerous indications such as wound healing problems, arthritis, soft tissue and tendon injury. 
No adverse events have been reported with excellent results being seen in small studies for rotator cuff tendonitis, achilles tendonitis, knee ligament injury, joint and spinal arthritis. 
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is also offered, which works well for a lot of the same indications. PRP therapy involves a simple blood draw from a patient's arm, with the blood being spun down with a centrifuge machine. The resulting plasma contains a heavy concentration of platelets and growth factors. 
Multiple research projects are offered at Arizona Pain Stem Cell Institute which help often to subsidize the cost of the treatments. With the Board Certified, Award Winning pain management doctors in Arizona providing the treatments, patients will be in good hands at the Phoenix pain clinics. "

Please call (602) 507-6550 for more information and scheduling or click here to visit the official website

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