Monday, 9 September 2013

Telehealth now offering insurance-covered stem cell treatments

Telehealth, a regenerative medicine clinic on the West Coast, issued a press release today announcing that it is now offering multiple stem cell injections for arthritis and soft tissue injury such as tendonitis of the shoulder. The injection treatments are covered by insurance and are offered with Board Certified doctors.

Regenerative medicine with stem cell therapy represents the latest, cutting edge technology for healing degenerative conditions. The stem cell injection treatments possess the potential for actually repairing the cartilage damage in arthritic joints or tendon damage in an injured shoulder. For an individual attempting to avoid surgery such as a joint replacement or a shoulder arthroscopy, stem cell therapy at TeleHealth may be just the option to allow that.
There are multiple regenerative medicine options provided at the TeleHealth clinic including platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), bone marrow-derived stem cell injections as well as those derived from fat. The injections are all done as an outpatient and since the stem cells are harvested from the patient, the risks are extremely low.

Stem cells are crucial for rebuilding damaged tissue as they differentiate into the necessary cells such as cartilage or tendon cells. In addition, platelet rich plasma therapy provides an excellent inflammation generator to jumpstart the healing process. Unlike steroid injections which tend to simply mask pain, these injections help by attempting to regenerate and repair tissue. This can get patients back to activities they love, reduce pain, and avoid surgery.

Most insurance is accepted at TeleHealth including PPO's, Medicare, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury Liens and self pay as well. For more information and scheduling with the leading stem cell therapy in Californiaclinic please call (888) 828-4575.

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