Friday, 30 August 2013

New stem cell lab opened in Estonia

A new lab, suitable for the production and proliferation of stem cells, has opened in the Tehnopolis center in Tallinn on August 16.

The new lab includes a so-called ‘clean room’ corresponding to good manufacturing practise (GMP) standards, which guarantees an aseptic environment with a special monitoring and influencing system.

The lab's founder want to develop it, along with the Cell Treatment Cluster, into a production venue necessary for the development of Estonian and European medicine that is capable of producing cell treatment products corresponding to high quality requirements.

“Estonian scientists are expected to post scientific achievements and breakthroughs to the world. The prerequisite for achieving an applied breakthrough is a research-technical base and a lab with clean area that corresponds to the conditions for medicine production,” said Biolaborite council member, non-profit organisation Cell Treatment founder, cell biologist PhD Toomas Neuman.
“Cell treatment is a future field of medicine that enables treatment of a person with stem cells taken from his own body. As a doctor and a surgeon I hope that the new lab provides an opportunity of creating and developing innovative treatment methods for global medicine,” said Dr. Andrus Loog from Restorative Surgery Clinic.

Reference: Baltic Times

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