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Review of GCB MAX - Green coffee bean extra supplement

Product Name: GCB MAX (Green Coffee Bean Max - GCBmax)
Money back guarantee: Yes, two months, no questions asked guarantee
Price: Starting from 27 $ per bottle
Shipment: Worldwide
Summary: GCBmax is one of the best and cheapest green coffee bean supplements, utilising the exact formula that has been used in human clinical trials. It is a safe, effective, clinically tried supplement that can help you lose weight without exercise or any dietary changes
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5/5)

Let’s be honest; losing weight is for many people an everyday challenge, requiring fierce determination, time and willpower. Ever since, Dr Oz featured Green coffee bean extract as a "miracle" fat burner on his popular television show, sales of green coffee bean supplements have skyrocketed. Why? The answer is simple, all the latest medical studies clearly show that green coffee bean can indeed induce weight loss. And the great news is that you can lose weight without starting a diet or increasing the level of your physical activity !

But are all green coffee bean supplements created equally ? Unfortunately, the answer is no.  There are many questionable green coffee supplements available today,  some don't use the exact formula used in medical studies, some are very expensive, some are manufactured in third world countries under unknown conditions.

After a thorough market research, we found GCB MAX to be the best green coffee bean supplement. In short, here is why we consider gcbmax to be the best green coffee bean supplement:
  • Each pill contains 800 mg of pure green coffee bean extract, with more than 50 % chlorogenic acid. This is the exact formula that has been both clinically tested and suggested by health experts, including Dr. Mehmet Oz,  Dr Lindsey Duncan.  Dr. Caroline Apovian and registered Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick
  • The clinical trials agree [1]. GCB Max's formula is both effective and safe for weight loss with no adverse effects whatsoever
  • Contains no additives, fillers, or binders
  • GCB MAX has the most generous money back guarantee in the market. It comes with a simple, no questions asked, 2-month money-back guarantee. If it doesn't work or if you are unhappy with the results, you get your money back. Simple as that.
  • GCBmax is manufactured in the U.S., in an FDA approved facility. The FDA approval confirms that the product is manufactured under high quality standards.
  • Has one of the most competitive prices, especially when buying in bulk. The affordable price of GCB MAX is one of the main reasons this brand is one of the most popular suppliers of green coffee supplements today

What is Green Coffee Bean and how can it help me lose weight ?

First, let's begin with the basics. Green coffee beans are the regular coffee beans we all know, except that they are fresh and have not been roasted. Usually, green coffee beans are roasted at approximately 480 degrees Fahrenheit, a process that gives them a dark brown color and their distinctive aroma.

Green coffee beans are rich in an active and powerful compound known as Chlorogenic Acid, which plays an important role in weight loss. Unfortunately the roasting process strips more than 90% of the Chlorogenic Acid, leaving roasted coffee beans with virtually zero Chlorogenic Acid. 

As a result, the coffee we all drink and love has no Chlorogenic Acid and of course no weight loss benefits .

How does Chlorogenic Acid Work For Weight Loss?

According to the medical literature, chlorogenic acid has great anti-oxidant and fat burning properties. As explained by Dr Lindsey Duncan in the video below - jump to 1:10 -, this active compound works by slowing down the release of glucose into the bloodstream.

This in turn leads the body to find other sources for energy like the fat stored in our fatty tissue. Furthermore, Chlorogenic Acid increases our metabolism and thus our daily calorie burn. These functions have a synergistic effect that "burns, blocks and stops fat but also is natural and safe".


So does Green Coffee Bean Extract really work ?
The answer is yes, gcbmax does work. First, let's examine a study named "Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects." This study was published in 2012 in the "Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal".

During the study, the researchers - led by Joe Vinson- tested an undisclosed green coffee supplement on a group of 16 overweight adults for a period of 12 weeks [1]. In their paper, the authors reported the following:
  • Patients lost 17 pounds
  • Patients lost 10% of their overall body weight
  • Body fat was reduced by 16 %
  • Patients lost weight naturally without altering their diet or increasing their levels of physical activity
  • The supplement was found to have no adverse side effects

GCB max Bottle and Pills
Furthermore, Dr. Oz also conducted an experiment of his own to see whether green coffee bean extract is safe and efficient for weight loss.  For his experiment, Dr. Oz used his show’s Medical Unit along with nutritionists and other health experts, including Dr. Caroline Apovian and registered Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick for guidance throughout the whole study.

Similarly, Dr Oz used in this study a green coffee bean supplement with the same formula that GCB Max uses (800 mg green coffee bean extract with more than 50 % chlorogenic acid). The guidelines and criteria for the study were:
  • 100 overweight women
  • BMI ranged between 25-45
  • Patients weren't pregnant or breastfeeding
  • No major medical issues such as diabetes, heart attack or stroke

Patients were divided into two groups. Half of them received a green coffee supplement (twice a day) and half of them a placebo (control group). Patients didn't know in which grouped they belonged.

The study lasted a total of two weeks. After this period, Dr. Apovian and Dr. Kirkpatrick reported that the women on the green coffee pill had lost two pounds, without dietary or lifestyle changes.

How much weight will I loose with gcbmax ?
According to the clinical trials and the claims made by the manufacturer, you should expect a weight loss of at least 6 pounds per month.
Green Coffee Bean Max Testimonials
GCB max has helped thousands of people across the world to lose their extra weight. Some of them have shared their success stories over the official GCBmax website.

“I have been struggling with my weight for years. I also tried many well-known weight loss programs over the years without success. I did not think that I could lose weight since I have never lost more than 7 pounds on a program. I saw your advertisement and decided to give GCB MAX a try. I can’t believe that I lost 7 pounds the very first month. I have been using your product now for 3 months and have lost a total of 19 pounds.” Edward B. -New York, NY

“At 46 years old and a 170 pounds, I’ve spent most of my life wanting to lose weight and become a healthier person. I tried numerous diets and joined several support groups over the years, but ultimately failed to take the weight off. I was miserable, my back hurt and was flirting with depression due to my size. A co-worker at work had been losing weight since New Year’s at a fairly rapid pace, so I asked her how she was doing it. She showed me her bottle of GCB MAX, she couldn’t stop talking about how great the product was. I am happy to say, I have been using GCB MAX now for 4 weeks and have lost almost 18 pounds.” Susan K - Boston MA

Why Choose GCB Max Over Other Green Coffee Bean Supplements?
As aforementioned, there are many green coffee supplements available in the market today, for you to choose from. We believe that GCBmax is the best option when buying a green coffee supplement, with the top reasons being:
  • It uses the exact formula used both in the clinical studies and by Dr. Oz
  • It is manufactured in the U.S., using only pure green coffee (no additives, fillers, or binders)
  • Has one of the most competitive prices, especially when buying in bulk 
  • The most generous green coffee supplement in regards to its money back guarantee. You can try it for two whole months. If it doesn't work, you get your money back ! 

Where can I get Green Coffee Bean Max? Are there any discounts available ?

You can get GCB MAX from the official website (click here). A monthly supply cost is only $59.95 and the cost per bottle drops even more if you get any of the incredible deals that are currently available.

Best Value Package Deal: Cost per bottle = 27 $,  With this package you get 5 bottles + 2 for free. You save $280 (70% OFF).

Best Seller Package Deal: Cost per bottle = 35 $, You get 3 bottles + 1 for free  which works out to only ($34.98) per bottle. You save $102 that is a huge 43% OFF.

Don't forget that every order comes with a simple, 60-day, no question asked money-back guarantee along with discreet worldwide shipping. You have nothing to lose but POUNDS! 

Joe A Vinson, Bryan R Burnham, and Mysore V Nagendran (2012). Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity DOI: 10.2147/DMSO.S27665

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