Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Stem cells for knee pain are a safer option than surgery

Stem cells for knee joint pain has been involved in multiple clinical trials worldwide. In the United States trials for knee arthritis and back pain with degenerative disc disease have undergone safety trials and phase studies for effectiveness. The safety profile for stem cell therapy in joints has been proven. Adverse effects are not seen as related to the stem cells.

These studies were conducted with allogenic (other people's) stem cells. Naturally, if using your own stem cells, the issues which may be raised from someone else's stem cells is not a concern, and are therefore even safer. There are no immune rejection issues or communicable diseases that can be obtained by using your own cells.

Additionally, stem cell treatment for joints doesn't carry surgical risks such as anesthesia, there is no greater risk for other postoperative complications such as blood clots, infections, or need for revision surgery if it is unsuccessful. Dr. Dennis Lox, a Regenerative and Sports Medicine physician in the Tampa Bay, Florida area comments, "Surgery for joint replacement does carry some significant risks, as this is a highly invasive surgery. Knee and other joint replacement surgery consent forms do include the complication of death. More common problems are infection and blood clots. Stem Cell Therapy injections for joints are no more difficult than injecting cortisone into the knee," states Dr. Lox."There is preparation involved to get to that point, however the injection can be a simple, same-day, office-based procedure."

"Stem Cell Therapy for joint repair has been used for acute and chronic injuries, knee meniscal tears, loss of knee joint cartilage, and to stop the progression of degenerative arthritis. Even avascular necrosis (AVN) or osteonecrosis has been treated with Stem Cell Therapy. The secondary arthritis from joint collapse in avascular necrosis (AVN) can be significant leading to knee joint replacement. The use of stem cells is becoming a more common alternative to joint replacement. Some patients may have already had one knee joint replaced with a bad outcome, and wish to avoid a second knee replacement. Others may not be healthy enough. Some medical disorders such as bad hear ailments may preclude having a knee replacement. In these cases, having a regenerative medicine procedure is an attractive, conservative option. Patients who are not medically suited for joint or knee replacement are generally good candidates for Stem Cell Therapy. The pursuit of conservative options in patients who wish to avoid surgery for joint disorders, may find Stem Cell Therapy as an attractive alternative." says Dr. Lox.

About Dr. Dennis Lox
Dr. Lox practices in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Dr. Lox is a Sports and Regenerative Medicine Physician, who specializes in the use of regenerative and restorative medicine to assist in treating athletic and arthritis conditions. For more information please contact Dr. Lox at (727) 462-5582 or visit

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