Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dr. Joel Aronowitz announces stem cell trial for breast augmention

Dr. Joel Aronowitz, plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills and founder of the University Stem Cell Center, Los Angeles, announced yesterday the approval of a clinical trial with the purpose to assess the safety and efficacy of autologous stem cells, harvested from adipose (fat) tissue for breast augmentation.

“We’re particularly excited about this recently-approved study because we will now have the opportunity to examine just how effective stem cell-enriched fat is in producing naturally-enhanced volume in the breasts. With more and more women searching for a natural alternative to foreign breast implants, fat transfer to the breasts using fat harvested with liposuction has become a viable option. As the popularity of this procedure continues to rise, this new trial may uncover the benefits and advantages of designing these fat grafts at the cellular level. Based on what we’re uncovering, stem cell-enriched fat transfer is going to become increasingly popular for a variety of purposes. Our new study will shed even greater light on this emerging science as the future direction of tissue transfer technology." said Dr. Aronowitz

Video of Dr. Joel Aronowitz


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