Monday, 8 April 2013

Rejuv Medical to begin stem cell treatments for orthopedic conditions

Rejuv Medical, a Minnesota-based sports medicine company, just issued a press release saying that they have started offering stem cell treatments to any patient, with orthopaedic conditions, seeking alternative options to surgery.

According to the press release, the available stem cell treatments are "cutting edge" and based on the same treatments offered by Regenexx.

“ Our company has launched a version of advanced stem cell and platelete procedures from Regenexx®. There are two types of procedures, the Same Day(SD) Stem Cell Treatments and the Stem Cell Plasma(SCP) Procedure.” said doctor Joel Baumgartner’s of Rejuv Medical.

Regenexx Procedures and the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, featured on the"The Doctors" TV-show 

“Not everyone is going to be a candidate, but these services are worth the consideration,” said Burgess. 

The official press release can be found here

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