Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Stem cell symposium adressing heart and vascular diseases to be held in two days

The eighth annual Stem Cell Symposium, coordinated by the University of Wisconsin Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Centre, will be held on April 10 at the BioPharmaceutical Technology Centre Institute, Fitchburg. The symposium will feature "world leaders" from the field of cell-based therapies for heart and vascular disease.

Some of the topics discussed will be:
  • Advances and therapeutic opportunities for somatic and reprogrammed cells for cardiovascular repair
  • Translational and regulatory pathways to the clinic
  • Safe and effective methods for delivering cells
  • The role of industry in shaping the future of cell-based therapy for cardiovascular disease.

The registration fee is $90, with a discounted price of $45 for students and post-doctoral researchers.

For more info please visit the the event's official page.

Comments from the 4th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium.

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