Thursday, 10 January 2013

Not all umbilical cord blood stem cells are equally created

A  team of researchers at the University of Granada and Alcalá de Henares University recently published a new study on umbilical cord blood stem cells(CBSCs). According to the study's findings not all types of CBSCs are equally created, as they share varying therapeutic and regenerative capacities. Some are simply better than others!

The researchers tested various types of CBSCs and found that a specific type of stem cells found in Wharton's jelly has the greatest potential for therapeytic purposes. Wharton's jelly (scientific name: substantia gelatinea funiculi umbilicalis) is a gelatinous substance found inside the umbilical cord and a known source of adult stem cells. All studied up to now had contradictory results regarding Wharton's jelly stem cells. But according to the researchers this is because the y had failed to select the proper cell group.

The study was coordinated by professor Antonio Campos Muñoz. Some of the team's members are:
  • Professor Alaminos Mingorance 
  • Professor  Ingrid Garzón
  • Professor Garzon 
Photo of the team

Garzón I, Pérez-Köhler B, Garrido-Gómez J, Carriel V, Nieto-Aguilar R, Martín-Piedra MA, García-Honduvilla N, Buján J, Campos A, & Alaminos M (2012). Evaluation of the cell viability of human Wharton's jelly stem cells for use in cell therapy. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, 18 (6), 408-19 PMID: 22166141

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