Friday, 25 January 2013

CDI announces the creation of stem cell banks

A few days ago (11/17/2013), Cellular Dynamics International announced its intention to create master stem cell banks from five different donors. The donors were chosen based on the potential their cells exhibited for transplantation to unrelated recipients.

Logo of Cellular DynamicsThese newly announced stem cells banks will allow the company to produce large amounts of high-quality stem cells both for research and therapeutic purposes.

CDI claims that these stem cells, similar to embryonic stem cells, will have the potential to differentiate into more than 200 different types of somatic cells. Robert Palay, chief executive officer of CDI, made the following statement:

"Reaching this manufacturing milestone is a critical step toward the development and manufacture of human cell-based therapies based on technology” 

Video of Dr. Emile Nuwaysir, Chief Operating Officer of CDI

- CDI is a company specialising in the development of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from skin and blood cells.. It was founded by stem cell researcher and pioneer, James Thomson

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