Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Unapproved cosmetic stem cell treatments turn out to be dangerous

A few days ago, cosmetic surgeon Allan Wu explained some of the dangers that may arise from unapproved cosmetic stem cell treatments. According to him, sometime in 2009 he was visited by a woman in her late sixties. She came with complaints of considerable pain when opening her right eye accompanied by a weird clicking sound. Her symptoms started, after she had received a cosmetic stem cell treatment. Wu operated on her eyelid and removed small pieces of bone growths. The clicking sounds the woman was hearing, were actually small bone growths grinding against each other!

Three months prior to visiting Wu, the woman had received a new unapproved cosmetic stem cell treatment from a clinic in Beverly Hills. During the operation, surgeons extracted stem cells from her abdominal fat and injected them into her face, supposedly performing a stem cell lift! Doctors performing these face lifts claim that the skin is rejuvenated as the stem cells grow into new skin tissue. They also claim that the injected cells release chemicals that help ageing cells to rejuvenate.

However, this was not what happened to the woman who paid more than $20,000 for her stem cell operation. Instead of promoting new skin tissue, the stem cells promoted the growth of bone tissue!

Image of a Mesenchymal stem cell
A Mesenchymal stem cell
During her face lift, the woman also received a dermal filler to reduce the appearance of her wrinkles. Dermal fillers are relatively safe and are used for more than 20 years in cosmetic surgery. However the main ingredient of these fillers is calcium hydroxylapatite. Many researchers believe that calcium hydroxylapatite
encourages stem cells to turn into bone-like tissue. 

According to Wu the interaction between stem cells and calcium hydroxylapatite was the main culprit behind the bone fragments found in her eye lid. He said that the woman seems to be fine for the moment, with no other complications arising from her stem cell treatment.

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