Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lifecell international announces first dual stem cell storage service in India

LifeCell International, a stem cell storage company in India, announced that it will allow its clients to simultaneously store stem cells in two distant locations. The service aims to provide protection against unforeseen events, for example harsh natural disasters and calamities. The service became viable after the instalment of the company's new facilities in Gurgaon, near New Delphi.

Clients choosing the service, will have their stem cells stored in two locations. First, at the original facilities in Chennai and second in the facilities at Gurgaon (Manesar). The facility at Gurgaon is protected by armed security men and is constantly monitored by cameras. Officials claim that the facility can hold up to two hundred thousand stem cell samples with the potential to expand and store up to one million samples.

For now the service is offered for two Lifecell programs:
  • LifeCell’s BabyCord, for umbilical cord stem cell banking 
  • LifeCell Femme,  for menstrual blood stem cell banking

Mayur Abhaya,CEO of the company, said the following regarding their new service:

 “At LifeCell we are constantly implementing pioneering services that offer the highest quality standards in stem cell storage. The new facility in Gurgaon (Manesar) has further strengthened our commitment to our customers and enabled us to activate the Dual Storage service, another milestone that provides additional security to the preserved stem cells. At a minimal added cost, both existing and new customers can store the stem cells at two independent and distant facilities.”

He also said that they are planning to invest even more money to their new facilities

 “Realizing the growing demand for stem cell banking in India, we plan to invest an additional Rs.20 crores in expanding the new Gurgaon (Manesar) facility over the next one year. We will deploy the latest technological advancements and bring it at par with our existing facility in Chennai. In the course of the next one year, the Gurgaon (Manesar) facility will be capable of storing and processing over one million stem cell samples. This added capacity will in-turn help create over 200 new job opportunities at the facility.”

LifeCell International is India's first & largest private stem cell bank and stem cells solutions provider.


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