Monday, 31 December 2012

Centagen announces Crowd Funding Campaign on

Centagen claims to have developed a new stem cell treatment that supposedly rejuvenates a person's own adult stem cells. According to them, their discovery has the potential to help treat many different conditions like Alzheimer's, diabetes, damaged heart tissue etc. The company has even opened a crowd funding over IndieGoGo.

The company's press release, states that they have made a discovery

 "That allows for the expansion of a person's own adult stem cells up to a million times without aging."

They claim that their treatment has the potential to treat many different types of chronic pain, diseases and disabilities. According to the press release, their stem cell treatment even has the potential to reverse the age process by supplying the organism with fresh and rejuvenated stem cells. Specifically they claim that their treatment could help with the following:

Regenerating tissues and organs prepared by expanding one’s own stem cells could help with Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, immune senescence, damaged heart tissue, arteriosclerosis, failing kidneys, failing hearing or eyesight, osteoporosis, weak muscles, and aged skin.

The PR also states that their adult stem cell treatment will soon be available and have even made a public request from IndieGoGo for any individual who wishes to help financially. Their goal is to raise 75,000 $. 

Our opinion is that their treatment sounds to good to be true and they simply try to make money from people with chronic diseases and problems. Their PR mentions no past animal studies, no clinical studies not even some anecdotal evidence that their "treatment" works. Hopefully, we are wrong and they are true to their cause!

The video from their campaign

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  1. Centagen is real not a scam, however, we will not know the effectiveness of the treatment until we actually start doing it on humans. That's why we are raising funding to move forward. Right now it's based on lab studies.


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