Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cellular Dynamics licenses stem cell patents from GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Yesterday, Cellular Dynamics International released a press release where they announce that they have reached an agreement to license stem cell patents from GE Healthcare Life Sciences. GE Healthcare recently also reached an agreement to license stem cell patents developed by Geron Corp.
CDI will now have access to that intellectual property as well , expanding the company's portfolio to more than 700 stem cell related patents, providing it with additional protection from legal challenges to its products.

Dr Amr Abid, General Manager, Cell Technologies, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, said

“We believe it is important that stem cell-based assays are available to researchers so that progress can be made in drug discovery; clarity and freedom to operate is fundamental to advancing the use of such assays. Our recently extended agreement with Geron provided the foundation for the type of agreement we are announcing today. GE Healthcare believes that such agreements are the next step to enabling the wider industry to benefit from the use of this key intellectual property without violating patent rights. We are delighted that Cellular Dynamics International is the first company to work with us to bring greater clarity to the marketplace.”

Bob Palay, CEO of CDI, said

“CDI’s mission is to provide human cell-based research and drug discovery tools that enhance scientists’ ability to better understand human biology, increase efficiency of the discovery process and ultimately improve human healthcare. The IP space surrounding stem cell technology is complex. With the licensing of the GE-Geron intellectual property portfolio, CDI now has more than 700 licensed or owned patents and patent applications. We have built our IP portfolio intending to ensure broad freedom to operate and to offer customers products that they can use with confidence and the knowledge that their subsequent discoveries are protected by this IP portfolio.”

CDI is a company, located in Madison, manufacturing and selling human cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells. It was founded by stem cell pioneer James Thomson, who along with his team was the second one to ever produce human induced pluripotent stem cells.

Promotional video of cellular dynamics

You can read the official press release here

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